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Make Your Party a Hit among the Guests  in Alberta

Throwing a party is really fun, but deciding what to serve can be a tedious task. Food definitely plays an important role in bonding with friends and family. To keep your requirements sorted, we create party platters for you. Adding a range of delectable sausage, ham, chicken, cheese and more, we have party platters to make your parties memorable. You also get an option to choose from our loaves of bread, and European drinks. You won’t be hassled with what to serve next time with our platter made with real wood-smoked sausages and deli meats.


We do party plates in person with a minimum notice of 24 hours. You are requested to pay ahead for this service. We have two available sizes of party plates – 16-inches and 18-inches. Please, come to the deli to book it.


Throwing a Party?

We have scrumptious party platters of sausages and deli meats.

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